Winnie the pooh crockpot

Winnie the Pooh Crockpot: Real or fake? (Revealed)

Sorry, the Winnie the Pooh crockpot is fake.

There is a viral picture of a Winnie the Pooh crockpot which has sparked several reactions on Facebook and other social media platforms.

We must say, that the Winnie the Pooh crockpot is actually adorable, but it’s not real.

Winnie the Pooh Crockpot

After a closer look at the Crockpot, we focused on the letters. AI cannot perform letters or numbers correctly or consistently. Take a look at the “goole cure” and the squished up “walmart” on the box in the back.

So someone had AI create a Winnie the Pooh crock pot and then edit “winnie the pooh” and “crock pot” into it to make it more convincing.

Also, “Crock Pot” is a brand with its own logo and signature font. A non-licensed product would be labeled “Slow Cooker”.

Also, on the dial on the crock pot, there are no settings on it.

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